LOST NOTTINGHAM: The Mansfield Road

POMA Arts presents a new project for 2018



I intend to produce an illustration in the before and now manner of Julia Wetz’s Tenements, Towers and Trash project in New York.

See: http://www.juliawertz.com/2017/09/24/trash/

The original mechanics cinema now near what now the YMCA building. Corner of Burton Street.

Each illustration will be accompanied by a poem on the building depicted. I may make ten such images if lucky by April 21st-28th when Jermy & Westerman bookshop have kindly said I can display the works with a special opening view on Saturday 21st pm and maybe a reading with other poets on the final Saturday of the festival the 28th depending on NPF timetable clashes etc.

The project is the beginning of a bigger ‘Lost Nottingham’ project that might open up to involve other artists and poets if funding can be found as I do not have the resources or enough years left to cover all of Nottingham.


The Mansfield Road one of the longest rows of shops in the United Kingdom and still in the original in most cases buildings.


Herbert Kilpin born 191 Mansfield Road in 1870.



Some of the subjects: There are over a 100 premises on the left hand side of Mansfield Road – all odd numbers of course!

203: Jermy & Westerman Bookshop – a bookshop since the mid-eighties the original Jermy family link to bookselling can be traced back to a Hackney London bookshop owned by a Jermy in the 1950s.

207: Now a clothes shop. The motive for Sheila Egner’s murder seemed clear, who the killer was still remains a mystery.The 62-year-old’s attacker walked into Yeomans Army Stores, in Mansfield Road, at about 2.15pm on Friday, July 26, 1991 and hit her around the head with something like a hammer or a bottle. It should have been her day off.

257: THE Maze – local music venue and previously rumoured to have been a stag-coach Inn of ill repute where condemned prisoners had last meal before being hung at the Gallows Pole on the crest of hill.

Further research has uncovered from Wright’s Directory of Nottingham 1888/89

Wrights Directory 1888/9

The road was renumbered so it will be an interesting job to work out what was there..

Blue arrow pointing to Packers Place, which is the entry under the crimson coloured building .

The orange arrow , points to what is probably now number 191 .

Jermy and Westerman now 203 would have been 137-9

Prior to 1901 before re-numbering , this would probably have been 129 Mansfield Rd.


Source: https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/12283-mansfield-road-renumbered-herbert-kilpin/?tab=comments#comment-227173


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